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Super Specials 2.3.x

The Super Specials add on for osCommerce v2.3.x is ready to review at http://www.dunwebcarts.com/oscommercesuperspecialsaddon-p-155.html The add on allows the store admin to set specials by category, manufacture and product and to set a limited time for the special.  Each listing … Continue reading

Quick Shopper 2.3.1

The quick shopper add on allows for multiple items to be added to the shopping cart from the product listing page or from the product information page.  The enhanced shopping cart box on the column lists items and attributes and … Continue reading

Zoom Image Magnifier 2.3.1

The Zoom Image modification allows customers to enlarge product images like a magnifying glass.  Works on all product images including featured products if you have it installed. A demo site can be seen here For more information, please feel free … Continue reading

Auction Add on 2.3.1

Turn your osCommerce v2.3.1 site into an auction site with this add on which features: Multiple auction products Products with attributes can be auctioned Products can be bought as normal even if auctioned Standard product price shown above auction price … Continue reading

Tab Menu System v2.3.1

Recently, I was asked to install the contribution TMS (Tab Menu System) and found it to be lacking in several areas.  With that in mind, I have written a Tab Menu System that features: Admin sets number of tabs from … Continue reading

Suggestions and Requests

I wanted to open this section so that readers could offer suggestions and requests for future osCommerce contributions and modifications.  If you have an idea for a contribution that you feel would be beneficial to osCommerce, I would be happy to consider creating and developing it.

So, please leave a comment on this post with details about your idea and I will consider creating it.



Layaway 2.3.1

While reading some of the posts in the osCommerce forums, I found a member was asking for payment system where the customer could make payments over time and once paid in full, the product would be shipped.  So, I created … Continue reading

First Caribbean Bank Payment Module 2.3.1

A unique payment module, the First Caribbean Payment Module for osCommerce v2.3.1 was created for a client who requested it.         Please contact us for more information about this Payment API or other custom Payment Options.