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Q.  Where do I get osCommerce and how do I install it ?

A. osCommerce is FREE to download and use.  Once you have it downloaded and extracted to your local machine, follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your hosting account and create a new SQL database.  Write down the database information, you will need it in the next steps.
  2. Using your FTP client to upload the files contained in the osCommerce download that you extracted to your local machine.  Ensure to maintain the directory structure.  TIP:  If you your customers to view an information site before going into your osCommerce store, then you should install osCommerce into a sub-directory such as /store or /catalog or /shop.  If you want your customers to go directly to your store, then install osCommerce into the /root directory which is usually /public_html.
  3. Once you have all of your files uploaded to your server, use your browser to navigate to your domain and osCommerce installation directory.  The URL will appear something like this:  www.yourdomainname.com/install/   -OR- if you installed into a sub-directory it would appear like this:  www.yourdomainname.com/catalog/install/.  Follow the on-screen instructions to input your database details that you wrote down in step 1.  During the installation process, you will be asked for a Username and Password, create a unique username and password and write it down, you will need it to log into your osCommerce administration area.
  4. Once you are done the installation process you will need to use your FTP client to remove the /install directory.  Not removing this directory will allow anyone to run the installation again and destroy your website, so ensure you remove it.
  5. The final screen will allow you to navigate to your Catalog and your Administration area.  Look at both areas thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the functions and layout.
  6. You are now ready to begin installing your products or customizing your website.


Q. How do I increase the header height in v2.3.1 ?

A. In the stylesheet.css, locate the following around line 31 and change the height to suit your needs.

#header {
height: 60px;


Q.  How do I change the configure.php file permissions ?

A. Use a FTP client such as Filezilla to log into your server and locate the /includes/configure.php file, right click on it and change the permissions to 444.  There is a second configure.php file located in /admin/includes/configure.php that should also be changed to 444.  Another way of changing the permissions is to log into your hosting control panel, use your hosting control panels file manager to locate the two configure.php files and change the permissions.


Q.  How do I add a contribution ?

A. Look for the contribution on the osCommerce Forum that performs the function you want to accomplish.  Ensure the chosen contribution offers a version that is compatible with the version of osCommerce you are using.  Download the contribution and extract it so you can view the files. Read the installation instructions carefully and ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES AND DATABASE BEFORE BEGINNING A CONTRIBUTION INSTALLATION.

Q.  How do I Change the shop logo ?

A. In the store admin under Configuration >> Store Logo you can upland your own logo. (must be in .png format)


Q. How do I change boxes on the right and left columns ?

A. In the store admin under Modules >> Boxes you can control which boxes to show and if they should be shown in the right or the left column as well as the order they appear in.


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