Contributions (a.k.a Add Ons, a.k.a Modifications) are code snippets or code modifications designed to alter or add functionality to osCommerce installations.  The osCommerce add on area contains hundreds of contributions created by osCommerce community members and are available under the GNU General Public License (FREE TO USE).  There are also commercial add ons available from private companies and individuals that integrate into osCommerce stores.  These commercial applications are usually licensed under EULA - End User License Agreements and can be found by looking at Community Forum Members ‘about me’ pages or by checking your favorite search engine.

Although a vanilla installation of osCommerce could be fully functional and ready to make money in no time at all, without the available contributions the base functionality will leave the store owner lacking in performance, reporting and marketing tools.



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  1. dunweb says:

    I have checked with all current browsers and found no problem. Please ensure you are using the latest browser version for optimal viewing.


  2. Joseph Gurtner says:

    Is there a problem with the CSS here? I can’t make out anything here without highlighting it with the mouse, due to the fact it’s all white. I’m using Chrome if it makes a difference.

  3. Earlie Belli says:

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  4. South beach says:

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