Monthly Archives: June 2011

Image Handling in osCommerce v2.3.1

Although a default installation of osCommerce v2.3.1 supplied the ability to add multiple images and video content which is nicely displayed in shadow boxes, it lacked the ability to control thumb nails, small and large images separately and the luminosity … Continue reading

Pre-Configured osCommerce v2.3.1

At the request of a couple of readers, I have a pre-configured version of osCommerce v2.3.1 available with the following contributions installed: Separate Price per Customer (SPPC) Quick Price Updates Gift Vouchers Quantity Discount Prices Easy Populate Featured Products CKeditor … Continue reading

Suggestions and Requests

I wanted to open this section so that readers could offer suggestions and requests for future osCommerce contributions and modifications.  If you have an idea for a contribution that you feel would be beneficial to osCommerce, I would be happy to consider creating and developing it.

So, please leave a comment on this post with details about your idea and I will consider creating it.